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Learning English? We can help!

We offer English as a Second Language (ESL) small group classes and tutoring for newcomers to the country and for students who have been learning English for several years and still need to improve their reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. Our programs are designed by a former Irvine Unified School District ELD (English Language Development) teacher and UCLA Ed.D.

English / ESL Summer Camp Starts June 11 – More Info Here!

Children’s ESL Classes

English is Fun! – Ages 3-5 years – Please contact us for schedule

This class is for English Learners, with a focus on California Preschool standards, including instruction in phonics, an introduction to reading, sight words, and basic number skills. Children will be in a highly structured but nurturing academic environment where they will be challenged to build critical thinking skills and apply them in various contexts, through interactive activities designed for this age group, including songs, games, and art projects.

ESL Beginner/Advanced Beginner – Ages 6-12 years – Please contact us for schedule

Please contact us for schedule This 2-hour daily class uses interactive and engaging strategies for students who are new to the country to learn basic English skills necessary to succeed in school. The class will cover reading and writing skills, including phonics and grammar. We will develop speaking and listening skills through many opportunities to practice oral conversation, games, and activities. We will also focus on vocabulary and phrases necessary for use in everyday occasions. Students will be grouped by age and skill level. Students can schedule additional help for school homework after class for an additional fee.

ESL & Homework Help Ages – 6-12 years – Please contact us for schedule

Please contact us for schedule We offer individual and small-group tutoring that tailors instruction to individual children based on their ELD (English Langauge Development) level using a combination of independent activities and one-on-one teacher time. Tutoring will be based on each student’s needs. Areas of focus may include writing, grammar, reading, speaking, listening, and homework/project assistance. Curriculum is created specifically for each student by credentialed head teacher.

Adult ESL Classes

ESL for Adults – Beginning Level – Please contact us for schedule

Please contact us for schedule Individual or small-group tutoring designed for adults who are new to learning the English language, with a focus on basic communication and conversational skills. The goal of the class is to develop practical speaking, listening, reading and writing abilities that are necessary for use in everyday situations. Students will learn fundamental language elements, grammar structures and essential vocabulary to enable them to function in everyday activities.